Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lucky Restaurant (Dinner Time) White Cut Chicken and Char Koey Teow

March 2014
Lucky Restaurant is a Coffee Shop Right in the Center of Butterworth Town,  Just Opposite the TM Building / OUB Bank / and Just beside a Budget Hotel,  Along Jalan Bagan Luar /  Butterworth Main Road.   
for My first Food Blog Post,  I drop by here for dinner.  Parking is not too bad,  you can park behind the Budget Hotel. 
What was open this fine Sat evening was a Kuih Stall,  Char Koey Teow,  Chicken Rice (White Steam Chicken Only,  Roasted Duck,  A "Thai"? fried rice,  Western Food,   I notice that a Loh Mee,  Curry Mee stall was close. 
This Coffee Shop is not in a shop per se,  but in a roof over area beside a shop.  From its look been here for quite some time. 


What caught our attention is the (Boiled) White Cut Chicken,  and that most of the patron was going for this. So a order of 4 Plates of Chicken Rice,  5 portions of chicken (mix parts which came up to around 1/2 a chicken I think) and one big fish ball soup, all this for RM22/-.  Also available here are bean sprouts, and lettuce, which we did not order. 


1.  Pricing is reasonable, for the quality and quantity given  (Note, next table,  one portion of chicken, with one rice, n additional portion of small rice RM5/- ),     9 of 10 points

2. Quality,  Superb, smooth even the breast part, comparable with chicken thigh,  the soup was also superb,  the chili was hot, almost tabasco level of heat,   12 of 10 points  

3.  Customization,  the owner was not willing to customise our order.  He has his reasons,  and frankly with the quality it really did not matter.    so not score here

Overall,  21 of 20 points, So we will be back,  look like its going to be one of our favourite place. 

Note :  Better go early,  by the time we finish before 7.45pm,  half of the chicken was already gone. 

I could not resist ordering a plate of Char Koey Teow,  done my particular way ie half cook egg and cockles. 
Pricing :  RM 3.20 with egg,  I will call this ok,  however the prawns were pretty small,  7  of 10 points 
Quality n Taste :  Ok,  I will call this Grade 2 Island Standard   6  of 10 points   
Customisation :  10 of 10 points here,  The cook really listen to you. 
Overall:  23 of 30 points,   Can do  

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