Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So Why Butterworth?

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Every try getting in to or out of Bukit Mertajam Town?  even during non peak hours?  For those who have done so,  you would know why.  Jam here,  Jam There,  Bottle Neck here,  Bottle neck there.  Not really my choice in terms of Traffic. 

Secondly there are much more choices for apartments in Butterworth,  better view, hopefully and Public Transport,  Basically the whole of Seberang Prai Transport, hub is Butterworth right at the Jetty, where they say Penang Sentral is going to be located. 

Penang Sentral is where the Ferry to the Island is,  Train Station,  Bus Station (Local and Out Station),  The Hub is there,  all very mix shift, and unorganised that is till they build Penang Sentral.  Lets see when. 

Butterworth is better organise,   More facilities, infra,  traffic still move

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